Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Takko Tuesday Restock!

Hello all you Lovelies! So last restock left a bittersweet taste to many Takkito Lovers mouth. Lemmings suck, and I hate when your not able to even get a hold of one Takkito. I read all your emails, and heard all your suggestions on how to make things go smoother, and we want to implement a few new procedures. Hopefully with these changes everyone will be able to get their Takko Fix.

1. Restock inventory has now been doubled (some colors tripled!). Hopefully now with higher inventory, everyone will have a better shot to satisfy their craving.
2. Polishes now have a limit to 1 of each color per person. Please please please keep this in mind, orders with numerous polishes of the same color will be canceled entirely. Also there is a 10 min cart hold.
3. SURPRISE RESTOCKS!! Yah, those will be happening! So besides our regular announced restock, we will have pop up restocks. No hints or clues when they will happen, they will be announced on twitter once the restock has gone live. Hey who doesn't love a good surprise?! ;)

If you have any questions or want to know when regular restocks occur please check out  www.takkolacquer.com/restock-updates this page has the most up to date info, also you can email us at TakkoLacquer@gmail.com

So with all this said I hope we are all excited for the restock coming up. It is scheduled for April 29th, 2014 it's gunna be a great Takko Tuesday restock, with a surprise! Wink, wink! ;)

Peace, Love and Polish! <3 Sheryl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy November!!

Hello Loves! Sorry for the absence, these past two months were a whirlwind for me! Like many other indie polish makers, I have a full time job... I am an apparel designer. I love what I do, but towards the end of the year, trade and trend shows and photo-shoots are non stop and it's constant traveling. I was home for only 5 days the past two months. Sadly this doesn't give me enough time to mix, restock, or create new Takkitos. That's why they're hasn't been a restock or collection announcement in over a month an half =( But now that it's starting to slow down, let's get the Takkitos back on track!!

Lets begin with a restock!! November 25th at 8:30 pm EST There will be a restock!! I'm excited to get these out to you just in time for the holiday season!

Next!! I want to do a give away! Never done one before so I actually want to do TWO! One for US only and one for International customers only! Details and rules will be on IG and a separate blog post. The give away will begin November 30th and Prizes will be announced soon!

And finally I'm working on new colors!!! And I'm super excited to show you!

Now there have been a few concerns and questions on some discontinued Takkito. The only colors that have been discontinued are
"The Blue Flamingo: MIA"
the original "Strangely Delicious"
and "Ooh La La"

"Strangely Delicious" has been reincarnated into "Strangely Delicious: RVMP" The other two polishes might also be reintroduced in a new version eventually.

Thank you so much everyone for all your patience! And I'm stoked to be getting back on track!
Peace, Love and Polish!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marie Antoinette and Restock Time!

Happy Sunday Beauties!!
Tomorrow is the Sept restock for Takko Lacquer, and just wanted to give a heads up on the reformulation of "Marie Antoinette" a tiffany blue with pink shimmer. The base I originally used for it is no longer available, it took me a while but I mixed a new base for it and it came out impeccable. It is smoother to apply now and the shimmer doesn't dilute the color, making it even more vibrant! She's gorgeous! 
The restock will be tomorrow at 8:30 pm EST (5:30 PT) instead of the usual 12 pm EST time. That way more ladies having time to order and accommodate their schedules ^_^
Peace, Love & Polish!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Takko Lacquer 2013 Summer Collection

All righty ladies, the wait is finally over!! It's been a rocky summer but finally, I got the summer collection all ready to go. Theres 7 new colors and a revamped version of "Strangely Delicious." Want some inspiration boards? Yeah! So lets get started!!

Bright Young Things

I love a good bright neon! A fluorescent neon yellow that dries rubbery matte, but add a top coat and you will see this beautiful yellow shimmer from with in come to life.


Inspired by a designer who revolutionized fashion with her eclectic ways, this is a neon shocking pink filled with silvery limey green shimmer that shifts slightly to pink.

Get Lucky

Fine holo golden shimmer loaded with different size of golden holographic glitter speckled with black holographic glitter in a clear base. Can be built up or worn as a topper, how ever you'd like to get lucky! ;)

Heads Will Roll

A thermal raspberry pink that changes from bright pink in the cool to silvery white in warmer temps. It's loaded with blue shimmer and holographic shimmer thats always visible in any temp. It has lots going on and I love it!


This is a kind of majestic and luxurious looking polish. A deep imperial turquoise full of golden bronze flakies floating thru out.


This is a cousin to the coveted "Electric Apple: NYC" A smokey concrete grey creme filled with sultry purple-pink shimmer. This shimmer is not shy!


A holographic black spotting top coat. Who wouldn't want cute panda spots on their tips? ^_^
This polish only comes in a 5ml bottle. Pigment will separate so give it a good shake before starting. Apply a very thin coat over 100% DRY nail polish, spotting effect will take place.

Strangely Delicious RVMP

This lover has been changed to a neon bright hot red-orange, still packed with punch you in the face limey green shimmer.

So when will these go on sale? The launch is July 30th at 12pm EST. Along with these newbies some older Takkitos will be restocked in the new bottles so check out the "Restock & Updates" page on the TakkoLacquer.com

Hope you guys love them all! Thank you my lovely Lacquer-heads!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

After a couple of sticky situations and obstacles these past few weeks, I'm so ready to get going!!
For the month of July, I have decided to do large SALES on all Takkos ^_^
All the prices will be discounted down, and there will be free shipping for orders over $50. (The code will be posted on twitter and IG @takkolacquer)
Why the big sale??? 
Takko Lacquer is getting a new bottle design!!! I'm so excited to show you guys, I'm totally in love with the new bottle! Only the new colors will be available in the new bottle design for the time being. I will eventually offer all colors in the new design, the old ones will slowly be phased out. More info on the new bottle will be out soon.
So the first date of the big sale is Wednesday July 3rd at 12 pm EST.
I will have a restock list posted on the "Restock & Updates" Portion of TakkoLacquer
Ok now FINALLYYY NEW COLORS! Looks like there will be 7 new Takkitos to be joining the line up ;) I am working on all my inspiration boards right now. If all goes as planned and the new bottles arrive on time, the new Takkito's will be out the end of July, along with a mini gift (Oooh- Aaah!) To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Takko Lacquer! It's a surprise too, different from what I've done before! Tee-hee!
Now some news on the Takkitos out now... there's a few Takkitos that might be... discontinued (BOO! I know I'm not a fan of discontinued too) or have revamped versions made of them. There's a few colors who's pigments have become unavailable.  It's looking like "Ooh La La" and "Strangely Delicious" are the first on that list. Once I have all that settled I will make sure to let everyone. Hey maybe the revamped versions will be more kick ass... ^_^
So this is all the news for now my beauties! Thank you all for sticking by me thru the tough parts of life and for your patience. Now I'm off to mix & blend some awesomeness for you all ;)
Abrasos y Besos! -Sheryl

Updates on Life!

First of all I gotta say THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart, a million thanks!! I'm so very grateful for all the hopeful wishes, good vibes and prayers everyone has sent me. It was much needed and appreciated. I have to say I love how the polish community always looks out for one another. I'm very humbled by the overwhelming amount of emails, messages and love that came pouring in. I am sincerely thankful.
So update my family... I'm not big on words and don't want to get into so many details but a few weeks  ago the doctor told my uncle what he had was 90% most likely cancerous (I hate that word by the way) and he wouldn't make it past Christmas. He had to go under a serious operation and a series of lab tests. This past wednesday we got the results for the lab... and we couldn't have asked for a better outcome! The operation was successful and all test results came back negative of anything terminal. I can't express how really happy and joyful and relieved filled I am!!! I've been down this road and have lost loved ones to that "c" word before. I know not everyone gets the best news after lab tests, right now we all feel incredibly lucky. I'm very close to my uncle and I get to hold on him for a lot longer. <3 I'm on cloud nine right now...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life Stuffff....

Good morning my fav lacquer-heads! I so hope everyone is doing fantastic and enjoying their spring, soon to be summer ^_^ I decided to write this blog post as kind of a small peek of my personal life. I have been receiving a lot for emails asking when previews or the new collection will be released. I know I promised them by the end of May... We're already in June and I know I still haven't released anything... I'm sorry.
Honestly I have been very discouraged and a bit in a haze. The month of May has been a very heavy month. From losing a friend, to receiving shattering news that has deeply affected my entire family. It's been a tad bit difficult to stay concentrated in the development of the new line. Though most of it is done, there's still some kinks to work out. I want to give nothing less then perfection to you guys <3
So for the month of June I will only be restocking this Wednesday June, 5th at 1 p.m. EST
I will definitely be back July stronger then ever! Besides the new collection there will be a few new exciting changes for the better! Yupp- yupp!!
May I please ask you guys to keep us in your hearts and prayers, and send as much good vibes our way? My loved ones and I will greatly appreciate it and be more strengthen to overcome this obstacle in the road and come out of it victorious. <3