Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling Grateful!

So I'm a fairly new indie brand in the scene of this crazy lacquer world. I have been reflecting on my journey so far with you lacquer-heads and I must say I have so much to be grateful for! First of all I have over 100, 100% positive feedback on Etsy! I cried when I saw that!! Then I opened a blog to keep  up with you guys and now I have over 2,000 views (^0^) Some more happy tears were shed, lol. And now I have over 60 followers on Twitter ^_^ Ok so those numbers may not seem like a lot compare to other indie brands who have been at this way longer, but to me they were very very very important and meaningful miles stones. And I have all you guys to thank! 

Takko Lacquer's intro to the nail polish world didn't start off smoothly, there was bumps on the road, some cyber-bullying and intimidation, and negativity. But my motto "Peace, Love & Polish!" and all you amazing ladies gave me the strength to continue on and continue working hard to give you guys the best product and customer service with the ethics and beliefs I can provide! This journey has also taken me to meet some really amazing bloggers like Rie from Nails and Noms Anneke from Pinpoint Polish and Bridget from Painted Nail just to name a few. All the bloggers I have encountered have been incredibly encouraging, hilarious, amazing, awesome, lacquerlicious, beautiful, comedic, delightful, I can just go on and on.... 

So starting Nov 16th, I have a free gift with purchase to thank everyone. It's something I worked hard to "invent" and make for you guys, it's just to thank you all! Tomorrow I will post up what it is along with two new colors that will come out this month ^_^ So to you all beautiful people you...


-from the bottom of my heart <3
Sheryl from Takko Lacquer


  1. You are awesome! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Sheryl! I'm so happy to have ever been introduced to your wonderful polish and to you too of course xx

  3. You offer something a lot of other indie brands don't offer; 1) truely unqiue and interesting colors that we are drawn to, 2) friendly customer service, 3) it's not an upsetting experience picking up the polishes we want. It's nice that you're doing small re-stocks once a week. It keeps people interested so the market isn't flooded yet everyone has a chance to pick up your polishes! Way to go and thank you!

  4. You are so flippin sweet Sheryl! I am honored and always thrilled to share my Takko love with the masses. What's not to love about you and your wonderful polishes?! ^_^