Monday, October 15, 2012

Bottle Preview!!

Here's a preview of the Takko Lacquer bottles going on sale this Friday Oct 19th ^_^

Strangely Delicious, Jimi's Jacket, To Infinity & Beyond, and Ooh La La!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Take a look at what has inspired me to create the 4 new colors coming Oct 19th...

Jimi's Jacket

A deep sapphire blue hybrid creme-jelly with packed with gold shimmer and actual 14k gold flakes. So luxurious, and classy. This color will make you feel like queen of it all. With the texture of actual gold nuggets and the smoothness and shine of sapphires. 

Ooh La La!

A sweet amethyst purple with turquoise shimmer flowing thru it and sweet candy like pinkish orange flakies floating about. A funky and dolce polish that can be worn alone or layered over darker colors for a different  look. It's a mini party on your nails!

Strangely Delicious

A juicy vibrant orange full with glistening limey green shimmer. Your nails will have a pop of sophisticated with an unpredictable edge and an endless summer. A sweet tart color that will make you pucker up ;) 

To Infinity and Beyond

A smokey deep purple that morphs into a peacock green at the flick of your fingers. Dancing thru the polish is a holographic shimmer like little stars scattered across the universe. Such a outer worldly color,  very hypnotizing and dark.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Updates and New Collection!

Hello Hello Hello Lacquer-heads! ^_^
So I have been mixing, grinding, shake, rattle and rolling for the up coming collection. Hope I don't disappoint you guys! ;) I'm very nervous and excited to show you the new colors! I am hoping to debut them mid Oct, fingers crossed!!! Inspired by luxury and upcoming trends ;)

So restock will be every Friday at 1 p.m. EST If a special occasion pops up or I plan on restocking a different date or time, I will make sure to keep everyone in the loop de loop thru twitter and the blog! It's been hard keeping the store stocked up and I have you guys to thank for that! ^_^

Well thats it for now... Oh and collection inspiration and teasers coming soon... ;)
Toodle-ooo till next time ^_^